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Breaded Mushrooms  6.99

Fresh, hand breaded whole mushrooms w/ marinara

Battered Onion Rings  6.99

Beer battered, deep fried golden brown

Fresh-Cut French Fries  4.99

Cheesy Bread Sticks   Sm 6.99    Lg  8.99

Cheesy, garlicy, served w/ marinara

Mozzarella Sticks  6.99

Italian style breading, served w/ marinara

Jalapeño Poppers  6.99

Jalapeños filled with cheddar cheese, breaded & deep fried

Loaded Potato Skins  8.99

Jo-Jo's    Sm 4.99    Lg  7.99

Fresh wedge cut potatoes, lightly breaded & fried

*Cheesy Bacon $9.99*

Chicken Tenders  8.99

Fresh chicken, tossed in our homemade breading

Served w/ choice of sauce

Macaroni & cheese wedges  6.99

Crispy battered wedges, stuffed with gooey mac n' cheese

Pizza Logs  6.99

Egg roll filled with pepperoni & cheese, served w/ marinara

Butterfly Shrimp Basket  9.99

1/2 lb shrimp & fries w/ cocktail sauce

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