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Located 1/2 mile south of Kamm's corner, Dante's has been a staple in the West Park community since 1963. Customers tell me stories almost daily about the good old days of growing up in West Park & how for so many, Dante's was the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night. It wasn't until the early 2000's that the shop went through a few tough years due to multiple changes in ownership, but Dante's was finally re-established August 16, 2010. When my family purchased the business, we had a mission to revive what was once West Park's favorite pizza!  Since then, we've gone back to doing things the right way. This meant going back to the original sauce & dough recipes - both of which are made fresh daily. Growing up in our house, my brother Justin and I would look forward to family pizza night EVERY Thursday night! We would order from the different local pizzerias around our neighborhood until eventually when my brother and I were a little older this tradition turned into making homemade pizzas, wings & sauces! It's funny looking back at this because at the time, we were just having fun coming up with new things to try. There was never any intention of turning it into an actual business. We just had a passion for food. Fast forward to today & now many of these homemade creations are on our menu for all of our customers to enjoy! My family & I, along with our tremendous staff, do our very best to make all of our customers feel like family & provide the best possible experience by serving fresh, quality food, with a smile.

We hope to see you soon!

-Josh Fargus


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